Can You Prove These Gender Misconceptions Wrong?


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Hello,  As it just so happens I believe that I can.  Part 1- In my time in collage I seem to remember that the class not only in biology, trig., calculus, chemistry, and psychology the ratio of girls to boys was average 5 girls to every 1 guy .  Part 2- I have several guy friends that not only paint but also play instruments in orchestras that are very straight.  Part 3- More and more boys are taking home ec. Now then ever before.  Part 4-While in high school I notices just as many girls in the shop class and mechanics class a boys.  Part 5- There was a girl in my school that was not only an unstoppable fullback in american football and played varsity all four years of high school but she also wrestled varsity all four years. She had to petition the school board but she also played high school baseball rather than girls softball.  Kristal

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