When are Slap Day, Rose Day, Chocolate Day And Kiss Day?


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7 Feb Rose Day
8 Feb Propose Day
9 Feb Chocolate Day
10 Feb Teddy Day
11 Feb Promise Day
12 Feb Kiss Day
13 Feb Hug Day
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Dear Anonymous,

These are date according to your question.

15-February-Slap Day
7-February- Rose Day
9-February- Chocolate Day
12-February-Kiss Day
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Slap day 8, rose day 7, chocolate day 9, kiss day 12
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Slap day:6th february
rose day:7th february
chocolate day:8th february
Kiss day:12th february
And last your favourite day.....Means

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6.feb.slap day,7.feb.rose day,9.feb.chocolate day.12.feb.kiss day
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I've seen slap day described as 9 Feb, but not sure if it's the same as "Slap your annoying co-workers day" (for which I can't find a date!)

Rose day is definitely 22 September - that's a day dedicated to cancer patients and charities.

Chocolate day according to at least one site is 12 February; but there may be more than one.

Kiss day was really hard to find - some say 28 April, but I also hear that the UK one is 7 July. Maybe each country has its own??

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