Who Is The Richest Cameroonian?


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Go for a study or research to know the wealth of cameroonians. No one is richer than top government officials. The truth is clear as some are already in yaounde central prison and new bell  prison in Douala respectively.
By General Tabs
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The truth is that it is diff to say. Big name like Fotso doesn't always mean money; moreover he has hundred on wives...

KJ is sometimes called,

many people in the gov can actually be the richest the have considerable real estate.

The borderline is that all the big names have money(or had money), but the richest cameroonian could be unknown

Ex: Fotso can have 10billion with 100kids
vs a Mr X with 1 billion with 2kids - some people do not want to show what they have
I hope your see my point.

Also I think that land- real estates ( that is why it is call REAL estate=fortune) is more worthy
industries can crash, burn,saturated market.... But land stay even when the market is bad.

Hope it helps, think critically.
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you guys are all right cause everyone of you is just saying what he or she thinks
 when we talk of rich people we talk of their assets,money in the bank and how they spend their money
our presi mr.PAUL BIYA is the richest cameroonian
he has assets mostly out of the country and a networth of $200million
according to a french news paper popol pays 200000euro for a night in france
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I Think Lord Bazor From  Limbe , a Business Monster is the richest in Cameroon
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President Boro Bella located in Buea Cameroon is the richest un-employed in Cameroon.

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