How Many People Speak Welsh In Cardiff?


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Raj, stop looking on wikipedia and look on the internet, science 2001 there is bound to be MORE or LESS percentage...SEARCH BUT NOT ON WIKIPEDIA!!! JEEZ
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Welsh is the traditional language of the Welsh people. Welsh is spoken in Wales, Chubut Valley (Argentina), and at the English-Welsh border. Some people in Great Britain also speak Welsh, also elsewhere in the world like United States and Australia.
Welsh is spoken primarily in the less urban areas in north and west of Wales. Some such places are Gwynedd, Meirionnydd, Ynys Môn, Carmarthenshire, North Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, and parts of western Glamorgan. Although people speaking Welsh can be found elsewhere too. Cardiff is however, a place where urban population also speaks Welsh. There are also few Welsh medium schools in Cardiff. However, Welsh media does not enjoy the same status as English and English language still dominates the media.
20.5 present of the population in Wales speaks Welsh. This was found in the 2001 census. The number had grown 2 percent from that a decade ago. Although one forth of the Welsh speaking population were not born in Wales.

Although people may know the language, relatively few among them actually speak only Welsh. Most of them are bilingual and hence also speak in in English. However, a large number of people can express themselves in Welsh better than they can do in English. Similarly many people coming from urban areas prefer to express themselves in English.

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