Name a state where people speak withh an accent?


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Well in America...... Those southerners have a twang in their voice that can be settling and unsettling just the same.
Those Eastern folk are also a bit off.
And people in California are just wrong for the most part, but wrong in a good way.
People near me..... Well the movie Fargo has one interpretation but it is not correct.
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There is no US state in which people cannot be found whose speaking inflections will not sound unfamilar to someone.

While we're here -- Sr Bong hit -- let us also clear up a misunderstanding that persists among so many Californians in their isolation beyond the great basin desert and mountain ranges.
The speech once characteristic of rural southerners is not called a twang but, rather, a drawl (. . . A pattern also heard among great numbers of Californians due to heavy migration to there of disadvantaged people of the south.)

Twang refers only to a kind of nasal speech inflection characteristic of the north, particularly the northern midwest, such as around Illinois and closeby states - but not extending up along the 49th parallel, and Canada, where Scandinavian inflections are commonplace..

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