How Do I Get A Government Grants For Trucking?


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There are no direct government grants for setting up a commercial trucking company.

However, commercial trucking companies are a vital part of the US economy. In the fiscal year 2008-2009, the total revenue for the American trucking industry was around $225.5 billion. Because of this, there are sources of federal funding which help trucking firms once they are up and running.

To obtain a grant, you need to be creative with your application. It’s not enough to say you need money to buy vehicles or train drivers, you need a higher purpose and your business must be arranged to support it. So think whether your business, and the grant you may receive to support it, could have a social, research or technological advancement goal. For example, with an environmental grant you may have to commit to only using alternative fuels.

Use the government's website for federal grants to locate requests for proposals. Most will require you to write a five page business plan that includes total funding required to start the business, total funding currently available, total funding needed from grants and other sources and estimated operating expenses. You may also have to explain the service area for the business, market (long-haul trucking or short-haul trucking), total employees needed in the first year, method for obtaining business and goals for the trucking business.

Your commercial trucking business can use the government procurement system and by becoming a contractor or sub-contractor, your firm will be opened up to many financial opportunities. Many commercial trucking companies funded their business with a basic procurement contract while establishing business elsewhere.

If you own a haulage company, the best financing is through affiliation with the programs developed by the federal government.
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I was wondering how I can get a grant  to start a trucking company and if there are please tell me where I can get a grant so I can start my trucking business me and a friend is going in together

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