Why Did President Jimmy Carter Lose The Election To Ronald Reagan?


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The people in US were not satisfied with Carter's performance as the President of US. They were of the idea that if the government had taken precautionary measures, the US citizens would have been made hostages. The American Embassy was seized by some Iranian students and 52 hostages were held.

These students demanded the return of Shah of Iran,Raza Shah Pehlavi,who flew away to US with the intent of receiving medical treatment as a result of Iranian Revolution in 1979.Later on these hostages were surrendered to Iranian Government ,who made some demands. The People in US were very much with the role that Jimmy Carter's government was playing and the crisis taking to much time to settle. As a result of it, Jimmy Carter, a Democrat lost the Presidential election to Ronald Reagan, a Republican in 1980.
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It was the Iranian hostage crisis and the American people's perception of the President's failure to deal with the problem in an appropriate manner which led to the decline in the popularity of the President and his subsequent defeat in the Presidential elections. This one issue is believed to be the single most important one in the last year of Jimmy Carter's presidency and it over shadowed all the other accomplishments of the President. He was regarded by many as not being a good war time President or being hard enough on the Iranians.

Though there had been a rescue attempt, it had resulted in failure. The Iranians also seemed unwilling to be reasonable. After the Iranians had stormed the American Embassy they also uncovered documents and evidence that in ways proved that the Shah's regime was in more ways than one backed by the Americans. Involvement of the CIA and Mossad was also evident and this in many ways was embarrassing to Jimmy Carter; Ronal Regan was of course made of other stuff.
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President Carter blamed Sen Ted Kennedy for the loss, Due to Kennedy's bid for the
nomination split the Democrat party on the vote.

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