What Is Sometimes Considered The Greatest Achievement Of President Jimmy Carter While In Office?


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The Camp David Accords that were signed on the 17th of September 1978 witnessed and brought about by President Jimmy Carter and signed by the leaders of Egypt and Israel, namely Anwar Al Sadat and Menachem Begin respectively, is sometimes referred to as or regarded as the President's greatest accomplishment in office. It consisted of two separate agreements: the first concerned the Palestinians and roughly their right for self rule and the other was a treaty of peace between Egypt and Israel. The latter was more or less successful, with the Israelis agreeing to return Sinai which the Egyptians had failed to take by force and ultimately the assassination in 1981 of President Anwar Sadat. The first treaty though, more or less, was entirely ineffective. It is believed that part of the reason was that though Israel knew that peace with Egypt was necessary and better for its interest, talking to either Syria or the Palestinians was not.

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