What Work Did Jimmy Carter's Mother Do In India?


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At the age of 67 Jimmy Carter's mother Lillian Carter joined the Peace Corps. She travelled to India where she was helping the poor and sick for over 21 months. She travelled first to New Delhi and from there to Bombay; there 35 kilometres from the city at an industrial park owned by Godrej she worked at the Family Planning Clinic. Determined to serve those who she would benefit most she worked at Dr.

Bhatia's Clinic and confronted human suffering head on. She even worked with lepers. The suffering she saw in India likes of which she had not witnessed any where before moved and disturbed her greatly. Some of the pain she felt for those around her found its way into her letters which she would write to those at home. She was also appalled at the attitude of the Indian people who showed at times a total disregard for the suffering around them. Dr. Bhatia warned her that the people she worked in India would miss her a lot after she left.

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