Which Is The Oldest Republic In The World?


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In the 10th century, the tiny country of San Marino that is located a few miles from Rimini on the Adriatic coast and is further surrounded by Italy, became one of the first ever republics in the history of the world. Till this date, San Marino remains the oldest surviving republic in the entire world.

As legend suggests, San Marino was founded in the 4th century by Marinus who was a stone cutter from Dalmatia (he is the person after whom San Marino is named). In order to escape persecution by the Roman Emperor Diocletian, he fled to a mountain retreat that was called Monte Titano. Later on Marino even asked his followers to join him in the mountain retreat, which he declared as an island of freedom and liberty in the whole of a tyrannically brutal world. San Marino was named the capital of the republic and was built around the tree craggy tops of Monte Titano, whose height is a towering 2425 feet. It is located almost in the centre of the country's area of 24 square miles.
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The oldest republic was in Vaishali, Bihar in India. It was a republic 600 BC. Lord Buddha visited this place and his ashes are entombed here. The place can be searched in Google.
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I am pretty sure the oldest republic is Greece, but I am not sure.
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San Marino

The world's oldest republic, established in 301, is the stubborn old man of Europe, forever refusing to sell its homestead to rampaging developers. San Marinohas held tightly to its independence for century after century, even as Italy unified around it and its fellow city-states vanished from the earth

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