Where Is The World's Oldest Parliament?


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The Althing (various other spellings in English exist) in Iceland, founded in the year 930 AD, is usually given the credit. At the beginning it was a general assembly of freemen to vote and discuss issues of common concern. Over time the nature of the Assembly changed, with elected representatives emerging. The Althing was suspended off from 1800 to 1845.

The world's oldest continuous Parliament is a title claimed by the Tynwald in the Isle of Man, which dates back to 979. The Isle of Man has had quasi-autonomous government through its recorded history, from its various norminal rulers or protectors (Vikings, Northumbrians, Scotland, England, earls of Orkney, Britain, etc.).

However various other places in the world also claim to have the oldest recognisable forms of Parliamentary government, including a village in India called Malana in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The British Parliament in London is often called the Mother of Parliaments, because it was via the British Empire that this form of government spread so widely.
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The Icelandic Althing is traditionally given credit. However, this was inspired by the Norwegian Gulating, which was inspired by the Danish Isøre-ting. It is referenced by Saxo Grammaticus and existed from 500 A.D. Hence, by historical reference, the Danish Isøre-ting is the world's oldest parliament.
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The Tynwald, the Parliament of the Isle of Man, claims to be the worlds longest surviving Parliament, dating back to at least AD 979, possibly earlier.
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Vaishali, Bihar in India was not only the oldest republic (600 BC), but had a parliament system. The king was elected by the voting system. The remains of these can be seen even today. Search "Vaishali" in Google, and you will get lots of information about Vaishali.
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The Egyptians lay claim to the oldest parliament, followed by the Greeks, then the Romans.

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