What Is The Dominant Political Unit In The World Today?


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The dominant political unit in the world today,are the countries which make up NATO. They decide, and generally urge others to do the same by following their example, to follow a course of action that favours their plans and purposes.
The main countries involved in this accord are are USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Canada.
The treaty was designed to provide unity in decisions and actions within the North Atlantic countries.
These powers who comprise the majority of the "first world", impact in a major way on today's world. Both in terms of economics and military action or alliances.
In the foreseeable future this situation is set to continue, as clearly this show of strength is hard to argue against.Especially when it has brought stability and prosperity to its member countries for so long.
Whenever there is a dispute, as in the actions in Iraq, this accord is once again the focus of discussion.

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