What Led To The Creation Of Political Parties In The United States?


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It was the host of differences in ideas of Thomas Jefferson, who was the first Secretary of State of the United States and Alexander Hamilton, who was the first Secretary of Treasury of the United States, that led to the creation of political parties in the United States. Both were prominent members of the Cabinet of President George Washington and one of them even became the President of the United States in the later years.

As for the crux of differences between the ideas of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, it was mainly based on the economic system of the United States. According to Thomas Jefferson, the economy should be based on agriculture and policies should be taken in accordance with the benefits of the farmers.

On the other hand, Alexander Hamilton believed the economy of the United States should have a more industrial nature rather than an agrarian epithet particularly because that would help the nation to prosper and grow on a much faster scale. These stark differences in opinions reached such a point that Jefferson and Hamilton built their own parties of supporters namely the Democratic Republican Party and Federalist Party respectively.

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