What Is A Leftist?


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Chey Franca answered
A Leftist is a person with very very liberal [ Democratic] Beliefs .
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Shalin Choksi answered
A leftist is a person who supports the left wing of the political system of a particular country. Left wing is usually against the thinking of the right wing. The left wing believes in the prophecies such as democracy, communism, anarchism, socialism and other forms of issues that helps make a country independent and free of all sorts of social evil. While on the other hand, the right wing believes in conservatism, fascism, monarchism and other such forms which say that the real power lies in the hands of a governing body and not the public. The right wing usually believes in the fact to trust and obey one person above you which can be the king, pope or God while a leftist believes in the power of the people and when the people combine, they can really shake the whole world.

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