How Many Types Of Democracies Are There?


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There are two types of democracies namely direct democracy and representative democracy. The former type of democracy was a very popular and common practice in ancient Athens. Direct democracy, as is evident from its name, dealt with the direct participation of every mature adult name in all the issues of the state from the choice of leaders to the passing of laws, from the start of rebellions to the matters of defence, it were the direct role of the mature male citizens who designated the final verdict in every aspect of the state's functioning.

However in the contemporary and modern times, countries are too large for them to empower every citizen of theirs to participate in all the discussions and decisions related to the state. For this purpose, the application of Representative democracy is a relevant one. In this type of democracy, citizens elect their respective representative who speaks on behalf of them in all affairs be those international, national, local or state affairs.

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