What Are The Different Forms Of Power Sharing In Modern Democracies?


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There are a number of different forms of power sharing in modern democracies and these include:
• Horizontal power sharing
This is when the different departments of a government share the power equally. The main three departments of any democratic government, that share the powers of a country are the executive department, the legislative department and the judiciary arm. These three arms of government have equal say in the running of the country and they generally work hand in hand, to make certain that each is running correctly, and fairly.
• Vertical power sharing
Vertical power sharing is when the power is shared between the different levels of government, but the higher levels of government will have more say than the lower levels. The President will take advice from those beneath him, but ultimately the final decision, on any subjects related to the government, is down to him. The lower level organizations work under the higher level organizations and are instructed what to do, to achieve the fair and correct running of the country
• Sharing between social groups
Different social groups will have different needs, but they need to be able to share the load. The social groups will talk to each other to decide which elements of certain proposals should be given the go-ahead, and the fairest way to do this is in a democracy. The social groups will all elect someone to speak on their behalf, and generally, they should all be on an equal footing.
• Sharing between political parties
The different political parties in a country should all have a say on how the country is run. The party in power is obviously the party that has the final decision, but the other political parties can affect what decisions are made if feelings and opinions are strong enough.
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In modern democracy power can be shared as follow:
1)among different organs of government such us legislature, executive and judiciary. It is termed as horizontal distribution of power because it allows different organs of government placed at same level to exercise different power.
2)similarly power can also be shared among government at different level. This type of distribution is called vertical distribution.
3)among different social or linguistics groups.
4) also among different political parties.
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Give a brief explanation about the power sharing arrangements in modern democracy ?
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among various social groups

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