"Without Our Two Great Political Parties Cutting Across Economic And Geographic Interests, Democracy As We Know It Could Never Have Been Made To Function." The Author Of This Statement Probably Meant To Suggest That?


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Each political parties in the united states tends to represent  sectional interests
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One of the elements of a democracy is party pluralism or the existence of multiple political parties. What the author is trying to say is that without the major political parties being able to reach all economic classes anywhere in the US, Democracy in the United States would never have been able to work.

Consider a nation with only one party. There's no choice, no competition. Elections don't mean anything, whereas in a democracy, the governed have a choice and can support and vote for the party they believe has their best interests at heart.
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A) an important feature of the US. Political system is the broadly based appeal of the two political parties.
D) each political party appeals to a different social class.
C) only a two party system can functions in a democracy.
D) political parties in the united states tend to represent sectional interests.
E) there is no significant difference between the democratic and republican parties.

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