What Websites Can I Go To To Make Free Birthday Invitations?


2 Answers

Sweety Jedda Profile
Sweety Jedda answered

You can use inviter.com to create birthday invitations. This site is very user-friendly. You can create invitations using videos and photos. This also allows first time users to send free invitations up to 25 guests & it also have a lot of beautiful templates.

donna jackson Profile
donna jackson answered
There is a very good site called www.poobies.com that has really good software, and all the design tools you need to design professional looking cards. They allow you to upload photos and give help with the text, by making it easy to understand, and use the tools on this site, there are others but they are not as user friendly as this one, nor do they have the same options.
You can also use the Kodak site www.kodak.com where you can really get creative for free, and design cards, mugs, t shirts, and slide shows of all your photos, and can write your text too, you need to register for both the sites

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