Can I Send A Birthday Invitation By Email?


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Fair enough it is. For this you could do with a softcopy of your birthday invitation. If you don't contain a softcopy of your invitation then look into your invitation and put aside it as a representation file. You can at the present create an up-to-the-minute communication and put together this box file or just paste to the message window. You can also create and propel e-cards to your acquaintances from the website in the vein of, yahoo greetings etc.

You can very soon include all the details and make clear in your mind the human being receives your email. You can even make an invitation card and then email it.
Another method is also there. There are a number of websites who offer t create your card your self just you have to pick the things like background, fonts, colors and images. When you create the card according to your choice the website itself send it to your desired receivers. The basic thing in this regard is that you just have to sign in or make your account with the website.
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Could you please tell me the name of those sites which offer to design beautiful cards for our own?
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There are 123greetings and yahoo greeting also give this facilty
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Children's Birthday - 1 year old

We're having a party
that is sure to be fun
Come join us to celebrate
Chase is turning one!

Saturday June 12, 1998
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
16732 Kester Ave

rsvp to Sara

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