How Would You Describe Socialism?


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As I understand socialism from reading about it in high school, it is the type of government whereby the governing powers that be have complete control over things like health benefits, business transactions, and all things that we take for granted as freedoms in this country. In other words everything is regulated by the government, and there are not many things left up to the individual person to decide on their own.
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Well for me as it was taken from the word social.. Its more of how we interact with other people.. Our actions and or how we carry our self in the society.. I think its more of people who are very into social gatherings.. Some people who think all about what the society think of them. Like known people, celebrities.. Someone whose life is more on nosing of other people's life.. Something like that.. LOL my opinion..
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Well, that would take some thinking. I can only go by what I remember studying back in grade school. The people working in their jobs get paid egually amoung the rest of the citizens....I do remember that much.....Communisism has Socialistic over-tones, but they're more cruel...Politics
was never one of my favorite subjects. I do my best to keep up on politics since I'm a "Grown-up" now (I hate that!), but it's still pretty BORING to me ! Ha! My husband could really talk Politics with you! Geeeeezzzz...he really can!
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Well , it is a union between many countries in which each country specialized in a specific industry and a producer of a certain resource. These counties shares these resources together depending on the need and requirement of each nation of the union to a certain resources. Usually these countries contribute to the same develpmental  plan. Economic collectivism is the objective. Previously Countries like Soviet union and china with a planned economy apply this concept. Now to some degree the EU ( european Uonion ) apply it in some aspect.   I wish I gave the right answer.

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