What Are The Tenets Of Socialism?


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Socialism is an economic system in which all the means of production and distribution are wholly owned and controlled by the state. The government takes all the crucial decisions such as what goods and services are to be produced, how they are to be produced, in what quantities they are to be produced and at what prices they are to be sold. The government of the erstwhile Soviet Union (now Russia) is a shining example of a socialist economy, but the state ownership of property in the Soviet Union was combined with effective planning by the government.

Socialism was criticised sharply by several economists as they could not understand how the government could function in an efficient manner if they monopolised every service, including the basic services. The bureaucracy was not driven by profit maximisation, which was the goal of the private entrepreneurs in capitalist societies. Central planning failed as most of the objectives of these socialist governments could not be met, and this was the reason pure socialism also gradually began to fail and mixed economies became the order of the day.
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Socialism is a political and economic structure where power is put directly into the hands of its citizens. Whereas capitalism dictates a top-down emphasis and those with capital benefit, socialism starts with the workers and puts labor as the generator of economic viability. Socialism, by its very nature, is democratic, hence the belief that power is given to the government is erroneous. Socialists best fir the phrase, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".
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In socialism,show how the Government would be the progressive representative of the interest of the working class

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