What Are The Effects Of Social Evil?


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Watch the news at least once and pay very close attention. After that, listen to at least one talk radio program that focuses on current events and pay very close attention. You'll not only notice that there is an inordinate amount of bad stuff going on in the world, you'll also notice that the media thrives on it. Even when the events don't touch us personally, they affect the overall attitude that we tend to adopt in relation to our view of society.
Social evil is nothing less than the propagation of a violent, penetrating, and disturbing agenda, and we are turning out generations of young adults that lack information and are ill-equipped to handle the growing magnitude of unrest. Without guidelines and constraints, the end result would be chaos. Fortunately, we still maintain some semblance of civilized behavior in general, but we could do more to take the focus off of the negative aspects of our current situation, and turn it toward positive solutions for change.

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