Money Is Causing The Social Evils, Isn't It?


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Before going on to the conclusion on whether the presence of money causes social evils. We will need to consider in mind all the factors that cause social evils.

So what really are social evils? Every society has its own definition but on large scale stealing, murdering, dowry, child abuse, drugs, alcoholism and prostitution are among the most recognized ones. Barring alcoholism, which is only restricted to Muslim nations.

Apart from murdering, alcoholism and drugs, most of the other evils are directly connected to money. And in some cases drugs and murders are also committed due to reasons of money only. For instance acquiring money for murdering and providing or transporting drugs for gaining money.

It remains the major problem of our society where people for gaining small amounts of money commit sins of prostitution, get involved in taking dowry and make their own children work.

So can all this be stopped? Well not really, as far as the class difference will remain, the zeal or lust for money will remain too. And you can't be blaming people for that? Every buddy wishes for a good and successful life and when it comes the easy way in committing the social evils, who would be retreating himself?

The conclusion is, money is of course the mother of all evils, let alone social evils.
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In the political system money saved for building infrastructure or for the poor is devoured by money thirsty ministers. For example, the aid provided by foreign countries to Pakistan after it was hit by an earthquake in late 2005, is nowhere to be seen and if you go to the affected areas you will not be able to spot a single difference in the scenario there today and the scenario there a year back when the calamity occurred. Due to this thirst for more and more money, theses ministers have constantly being over looking the rights of the poor and needy.

Money causes many other types of social evils as well, one of them being, crime. For the sake of money, the poorer classes commit crimes like theft, burglary, kidnap for ransom etc. instead of leading a hard life to pay for expenditures, the money thirsty resort to petty crimes.

Corruption is not only at the lower levels of the political and judicial system, it can also be found at the highest level amongst high court judges and ministers. In the judicial system, crimes committed by the richer class are pardoned with ease with a find not worthy of being given at all. That crime may be rape, hit-and-run accident, bribery or any other crime. The question is what is all this done for? The answer is money.
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Money is an inanimate object which holds no power or authority unless given such. It is the person(s) behind it all that are motivated into evil-doing. This is like saying guns are evil...this isn't's the person pulling the trigger that is at fault.

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