How Do You Make A Rubber Band Gun?


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You can either make a quick gun or a pistol out of rubber bands. Given below are the instructions for both.

For the rubber band quick gun, get a piece of wood measuring around sixty centimetres. To this, affix a peg used for clothes, around two thirds of the way down. In the front part, cut out a deep groove. Your rubber band gun is complete. To operate, position the rubber band in the jaws of the peg and stretch it till the notch. Then aim at your target and press the clothes peg to shoot.

For a pistol, you need to shape a pistol shape out of wood. Then attach the clothes peg at the back by nailing it. Again cut out the notch in the front. The loading and firing process is the same as the quick gun.
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Just put your hand in a gun position to start:

* 1: Slightly lift your pinky and put a rubber band around it, then put your pinky down. It should look like this:

*2: Put the rubber band behind the thumb and keep it upright.

*3: Put the other side around the pointer finger. It should look like this:

*4: Let go of the pinky (barely enough to show off) to fire.

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  • Step 1
    Measure your hand from pinky to thumb. The handle of your rubber band gun should be a little bit longer than this measurement. The barrel of the gun should be less than 10 inches and more than six inches long.

    Step 2
    Using your ruler, transfer the measurements to your panel. With the jigsaw, cut the L-shaped blank out of the panel. Sand the edges of your blank. Watch out for splinters.
    Step 3
    Remove one of the legs of the clothespin from the spring. Place the leg of the clothespin with the metal spring on it against the back of the handle of the blank.

    Step 4
    Hammer two finishing nails through the leg of the clothespin, one above and one below the spring. Reattach the other leg of the clothespin.

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