How Do You Use A Caulking Gun?


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You can make use of the caulking gun to fill cracks between wood and walls inside the house. To start with, clean the area to be caulked by removing old caulk, dirty and loose paint. Caulking is the process to make airtight or watertight by sealing or filling. It is used to fill up a seam, a joint or a crack.

Make sure that the area is clean and dry before using the caulking gun. You have to load a tube of caulk into a caulking gun to make sure that it is well-placed at both ends. With the help of a utility knife, cut the tip of the spout. Snip off as little as possible, taking into account the size of the caulk 'bead' you need. There are some who prefer to cut the spout at a particular angle while some just like to cut it straight.

If you are using caulk that is a part of a cardboard tube, search for the second seal at the base of the spout. Place in an awl or nail through the spout to pierce the seal. Most caulking guns come with a perforating device. Keep the gun at a slant angle. If filling a crack is your intention, put in the spout or move it at the surface.

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