Why And How Did The Beverage Report Come Into Play During The War?


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The Beverage report was compiled by Sir William Beverage in the United Kingdom in 1943 during the Second World War. It contained detailed information on the possibilities for social security in post-war Britain. The task of writing the report was commissioned by the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill in 1942. He commissioned a committee, chaired by Sir William Beverage, to bring out the report. The objective was to be able to provide a sense of hope for the people of Britain beyond the war. The report was aimed at alleviating the lot of the people who had faced desperate times during the war, and when it was finally implemented in 1948, it won huge popular support. It contained detailed material on not just social security, but also health insurance. After the Second World War, the new labour government in Britain introduced the report in 1948. One of the results of this move was the setting up of the National Insurance Fund the same year (1948), out of which the BSP is paid even today.

When the recommendations of the Beverage report were implemented and the NIF set up, the intention was to be able to provide the people of Britain with protection against a host of issues – longevity, unemployment, disability, illnesses, and injuries related to industrial labour. The setting up of the fund won huge popular support from the people of a nation who had faced desperate times during the war years.

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