What Is Italy's National Animal?


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A National animal is a national emblem. It is representative of the nation as a whole. Italy is a country that has a centuries old tradition and culture. It used to be at the center of all the happenings around the world, as it was a colonial Empire.

Italy is located in Europe with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia as its neighbors. It is a country that has a Parliamentary Republic government rule having the President as the official head of state.

The national animal of Italy is the Italian Wolf. It is from the family of the Grey Wolf and is basically nocturnal hunter by nature. This wolf holds a key position in the culture of Italy. They are said to be the protectors. There is a myth by the name of Romulus and Remus who are considered as the founders of Italy. They were deserted by their family and were raised by a she-wolf.
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Italian Wolf

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