What is the national animal of Monaco?


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Victoria Picking Profile

Monaco actually has a few national animal. These are:

  • European Rabbit
  • European Hedgehog
  • Wood Mouse

So not exactly the scariest of animals. Some people even keep them as pets!

European Rabbit

This type of rabbit is also often known as the common rabbit. It can be found in southwest Europe, so in countries like Spain, and also in some parts of Africa.

The rabbit has been introduced into many countries, and can actually be found in almost every continent. This introduction has caused some problems in terms of overpopulation.

These rabbits live in burrows which they dig themselves underground. This is where they spend most of their time and also breed.

European Hedgehog

This species of hedgehog is mainly found in western Europe, and is very common. It lives in a wide variety of places due to its ability to survive in lots of different habitats.

The animal is always brown in colour and will reach a size of about 200-260 mm. Covering the hedgehogs body is about 6000 spines which it uses for protection, allowing it to roll into a spiky ball if predators try and attack it.

Wood Mouse

Again this creature is from Europe and some parts of Africa. It is usually only about 90mm in length, however despite its size it can sometimes still be considered a pest.

These mice mainly live in forests and grassland and are almost completely nocturnal.

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