What Are The Aims And Objectives Of The United Nations?


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1) To maintain international peace and security
2) To develope friendly relations among nations on the basis of equality.
3)   To achieve international cooperation in solving economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems.
4) To promote human rights and fundamental freedom for the people of the world.
5) To act as a common platform for harmonizing the activities of various nations for the attainment of the objectives of the UN
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The aims of the un are- promote world peace protect human rights help developing countries by funding promote better relations between countries promote social,economic and cultural development facilitate international law facilitate international security
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The aims and objectives of the United Nations are
1.To prevent war
2.To develop friendly relations among nations
3.To promote world peace
4.To protect human rights
5.To improve the standard of living.
6.To prevent diseases
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The UN provides a forum for representatives from member countries to find out more about one another and learn how to work together as a global society.
Some of the things UN does are: (from the Millennium Development Goals)
*Eliminates extreme poverty and hunger.
*Make primary education available to everyone.
*Promote gender equality and empowerment of women.
*Improve maternal health.
*Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
*Ensure environmental sustainability.
*Develop a global partnership for development.
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The you.N. Was formed to help bring about a world government. Also, the you.N. Has been known to commit genocides (like in Rwanda for example) so they're aren't always the 'peace'-keepers that everyone is propagandized that they are. Preventing war is like preventing sex, it's not possible, we're humans..we creating an institution to stop war is pretty much ridiculous, and it's even more absurd when you consider that they fight fire with fire (sending NATO troops in to a civil war with bombs and guns by bringin MORE bombs and guns is somewhat laughable) and many times end up killing more people than would have been killed had they not intervened.
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1. To maintain international peace
2. To achieve international co-operation
3. To develop friendly relation among all the nations
4. To protect human rights
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Peace, unity and brotherhood
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The main answer for this question is so simple
That is to maintain peace in the world and to provide or facilitate the world with better facility
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The United Nation and the African Union are both in involved in maintaining internal security in Africa, how do they differ in their discharge of this responsibility

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