What Are The Functions Of General Assembly In United Nations?


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The United Nations cosists of six organs.

--The General Assembly
-- The Security Counci
-- The Economic and Social Council
-- The Trusteeship Council
-- The International Court of Justice and the Secretariat.

The General Assembly is one the chief organs of UN it is a general forum of nations where any problem can be brought. Every member country can send delegates. All questions are decided by majority vote but two thirds of votes are necessary for any proposal in regard to specific issues. General Assembly and Security Council cannot simultaneously consider a problem, but if the latter fails to solve a problem, it can be taken up General Assembly.

The general assembly considers reports submitted by the Secretary General of other agencies of UN. It appoints new Secretary General and admits new members to the organization on the recommendation of the Security Council. It also appoints judges of international court in collaboration with it. The General Assembly elects its own President every year who chairs its meetings. It meets every year in September but special session can be called any time the Assembly does most of its work through different committees who submit there reports to the Assembly after through discussion of the problems assigned to them.
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General Assembly is one of the chief organs of United Nations Organization.It has following functions.
All other UN bodies like Security Council,International Court of Justice,Trusteeship Council,Secretariat and Economic and Social Council report to it .It controls the budget and assesses each country's contribution.It elects new members on the recommendation of the Security Council.On important issues of the world ,it decides to take action.

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