What Were Some Unpleasant Jobs During The Industrial Revolution In Europe?


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Chimney Sweeper: Children had to climb through chimneys and sweep them. They sometimes felt claustrophobic and weren't very healthy because of all the dust they were breathing in.

Tosher: People had to climb into the sewers with a fishing net and look through the mixture of poo, rotting dead rats & brown paper=]: Looking for nails or coins as were valuable back then.
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During the industrial revolution, there were many unpleasant and break breaking jobs, many of which are now performed by machinery.
One of these was, mining the coal mines in England, which were pits of misery, and the men with stooped backs and choked lungs who worked there,often died early.
In fact young children were taken on to work in the mines, since it was decided, that they could fit betteri nto the small underground tunnels, would complain less, eat less and have more energy, and of course could be paid less too.
Legislation stopped this eventually.
Dock workers loading ships also had a torrid time, as did the workers who were required to cart sewage in pails before it was all mechanised.
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Chimney Sweeper: A little kid that swept chimneys.
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Street Sweepers( they had to clean up the horse dung off the road so that the ladies and gentlemen can walk)

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