Why Was The Roman Army So Successful?


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The roman army trained their men to be warriors from the time they were children. They lacked the inhibitions of their enemy soldiers, their training was far better and their leaders were well versed. They had endurance and self control under duress. They were a force to be reckoned with. They had weapons that worked, their defense and offensive tactics were pretty much flawless.
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The Roman army was a very important part of the Roman Empire. Rome was the super power of its time, and the strength and size of the empire was made possible by the army. The empire stretched from what is now Great Britain to Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East. These lands were conquered by Rome, and that would not have been possible without its army. The army protected the city of Rome as well.
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The Roman armies had superior weaponry and technology, so while the infantry/foot-soldiers fought and kept the enemy at a safe distance, another group of people used artillery weapons such as the scorpio, onager, and the ballista. 

The scorpio is a small arrow shooting long-ranged weapon that has superior accuracy (It is derived from a Greek invention but Roman improvements made it absolutely deadly.) The Onager is like a catapult but it uses weight instead of force to hurl the stone which gives it much more momentum. The Ballista is a crossbow that is of a larger scale and shoots bolts that are much larger. 

Now back to the army, the Roman foot-soldiers' (as I said before) weapons were more advanced and useful because they took ideas from other areas, like the Gladius, a short sword that was used in close combat, was an idea from the Spanish, and the armor was taken from a celtic design. 

The Romans' organization excelled, they had many different officers to uphold different groups of people, like cohorts, and legions (A Century was lead by Centurions.) Romans were also paranoid, or smart at some points, they attacked the people who they thought would attack them before they got attacked, in shorter terms they attacked before they got attacked. 

All of this, in a nutshell, is that Romans stole ideas and either made them better or used them against enemies so they were way more strong and prepared than their enemies. (P.S. Rome pretty much fell because of some really bad emperors.)

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The main reason behind the success of Roman army is their spirit and courage that lead towards winnings of many battles and true leadership is another factor in their success.
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The roman army had many different types of weapons and armour which no other armies had and that made them stronger
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They were the best army of that time they had great defence and weapons and Great tactics and were trained fro m eight
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From the time before Christ throughout the early imperial era the strength of the Roman army lay in its infantry. These were the legions. They were units of 5,000 men all of whom were well trained and equally well equipped.
Each legion was broken up into centuries commanded by a junior officer calla centurion. There were six centuries in a cohort and 10 cohorts in a legion. There weapons were mainly a short sword, a rectangular shield, body armour and a javelin.
The discipline of the soldiers in battle gave rise to their success, allowing the generals to perform complex manoeuvres without loosing the shape or intent of the force.
The legionaries were also in charge of building bridges, roads, forts and could conduct siege warfare as well as set-piece battles. Also accompanying the Legionaries were auxiliaries. These were non-Roman soldiers recruited from other parts of the empire. These operated in blocks of 500 or 1,000 under the command of a Roman officer. They might be specialist units like the Syrian archers fighting with their favoured weapons.
Auxiliaries were paid less than legionaries and served longer but were granted Roman citizenship on discharge.
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I thought it was too boring and there wasn't enough information to write a 2 paged report. Sorry but i hated it. Could you please give me more information about why the Roman army was so successfull and maybe even about the weaponary, training and the jobs. Thank You!!!
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You do know a lots of things about the roman could you help me maybe please because i have got the same promble it's just confusing that's all
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Thank you Razzle beacuse of this i got a good reasult in my history test
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They were a highly disciplined fighting force. The short blade they wielded also was very punishing as well as deadly given the fighting formations used and tactics of the Roman Army. It was a devastating force until given unruly opponents that did not conduct combat conducive to Roman training. This is what set Hannibal apart from the many who lost to this force.
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They had many great leaders and a good powerful army and had many good inventions such as the ballista a piece of roman artillery
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They were succesfull because they trained with heavy weapons so they could fight Easley with the lighter ones
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Because they trained for up to 5 hours a day and used wood in battle but metal in training.
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Because they were well disciplined and organised and they fought well in their battle which brought them and empire making them a successful roman army
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Because they had great leaders and they had great discipline and the training was the best out of all of the army's everything about them was great!!!!
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Also the other civilizations were not as well organized, except for the greeks amd carthaginians, so they were easily over run, and they had better ranks and weapons in the army as well.

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