When Was Buckingham Palace Built?


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Buckingham Palace was built in 1633 by Lord Goring, but at this time it was called Buckingham House. It became royal property in 1761, when it came under the ownership of George lll but it only became a palace under the reign of George iV.
George lV wanted substantial works doing to it and employed the architect John Nash to facilitate these works, but when George lV died in 1830 Nash was replaced by Edmund Blore.
Queen Victoria (1819-1901) was the first monarch to officially reside in Buckingham Palace, again adding substantially to the original house, to make it more approriate for the residence of the Head of State and incorporating more nurseries for her children.
Since then it has been used as the official residence of the King or Queen of the British Nation.
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John Sheffeld, 1st duke of Buckingham, built Buckingham Palace in 1703. It was purchased for the royal family in 1761, although it did not become the official residence until the reign of Queen Victoria in 1819. It was remodeled by JOhn Nash in 1825 and a ballroom was added in 1856. It contains about 600 rooms.

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