What Was Helen Mirren's Reaction To The Queen's Invitation For Dinner At Buckingham Palace?


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Hollywood actress Helen Mirren who portrayed the role of Queen Elizabeth in one of her movies "The Queen", had turned down the invitation of dinner by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The reaction of Helen Mirren was not received very generously by the Buckingham Palace as one of the senior palace officials stated that it was highly rare for the Queen to invite someone who had portrayed her real-life role in a movie for dinner at the Buckingham Palace. Later on it was stated on behalf of the palace officials that the rejection from the actress's side was something that was not expected.

As for Helen Mirren's side of the story, she, who has also won an Oscar for the Queen's portrayal in one of her movies, edified the press that the Queen had invited her for dinner on the first of May and because of her scheduled shooting she could not accept the offer.

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