According To Aristotle, What Are The Dissimilarities Between Epic And Tragedy?


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Epic and tragedy are of fictional kind but it is a technique how to present in a good manner that the reader is able to believe over it. It should be designed in a commencing manner so that , it will produce an impression that whatever is told to the reader is truth. There are many differences between epic and tragedy; some of them are as follows:
1. The first difference that matters is that of length. Tragedy by its very nature is more concentrated and compact. Therefore its size is much more limited than that of the epic. The length of the tragedy is based on the principle that the work is short enough to be grasped as an artistic whole this holds well for the epic as well. the greater size of an epic allowed it more grandeur and dignity in the treatment of its incidents.
2. The incidents in tragedy have necessarily been shortened, and more concentrated, while in epic each and every incident is highly elevated.
3. The epic allows greater scope for marvelous. Tragedy, however, can't make too much use of the marvelous with in the action, for this would see improbable and UNconvincing. Epic can relate marvelous because it is not going to be presented on stage before the eyes of the spectators. So, it is left to the imagination of the readers. But in tragedy it is not possible, to a greater extent.
4. The epic uses the mode of the narration, and tragedy uses the mode of dramatics.
5. Tragedy has a vividness which is absent in epic.
6. Epic narrates in versified language, and does not imitate an action, as tragedy does through acting.

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