What Is The Difference Between Cabinet And Ministry According To Their Respective Functions In British Constitution?


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According to the constitution the cabinet works as a team which takes all the decisions on the basis of collective responsibility. Cabinet holds its meetings regularly and frequently where all policy decisions are taken. But all other categories of ministers do not attend cabinet meetings, with the exception of those meetings for which they are specially invited to attend. All lower rank ministers are individually accountable to the cabinet and they do not have any thing to say in policy-making. Third real function is to execute the policy formulated by the cabinet.

Nevertheless, all other ministers who are in charge of different departments, other than the cabinet-rank ministers, are also regarded important since they also give advice and make recommendations to the prime minister about matters relating to their respective departments . They can also affect policy-making by virtue of their membership of different committees of the cabinet.

All members of the ministry, including those of the cabinet, are collectively accountable to the parliament. Their term of office is linked with the tenure of the cabinet that s they have to quit their offices in case of resignation of the cabinet. Every member of the ministry is supposed to be the member of either house of parliament.

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