What Are The Criticisms Ot The British Constitution?


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The British constitution is criticised as compared to USA constitution, there is a concentration of power. The US separates the executive, legislative and the judiciary and have all of them checking on the other to make sure that the constitution is not being abused. In the UK, our executive and legislative and fused (fusion of powers), and the judiciary was only separated in 2005. The separation of powers is based on the idea that a concentration of power in one individual or institution causes corruption, i.e. The Nazi regime, Stalin, Mussolini etc. The British Constitution is criticised as it does not have this separation.  Some also criticise the UK constitution because it is uncodified. The US constitution is codfied (meaning it is all written one document), and it makes it very difficult to change. Although this can cause problems, it also mean that it is very difficult to abuse the constitution. Our constitution being uncodified means there is more than one document and more than one source (it is located all over the country). Any act of parliament, e.g. The Human Rights Act, can easily be repealed by a future government, possibly allowing our constitution to be abused.
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There are none, because Britain has no Constitution.
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Not true- Britain has a Constitution, it is an Unwritten Constitution that is made up of common law, statutes, and acts of Parliament

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