Why Are Conventions Of The British Constitution Obeyed?


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Conventions of the British constitution act as a backbone to the legal structure of this country. Deviation from certain conventions may create complications in the working of the governmental machinery. British society, due to its conservative temperament, remains adhered to the conventions. Conventions act as keystone to the arch of government. A government has to resign, for instance, that ceases to command the confidence of the majority in the House of Commons. Deviation from this practice may shake the foundations of the entire superstructure of the parliamentary set-up.    Violation of certain conventions may directly involve the branch of a law. Deviation from the usage, i.e. According to which parliament is expected to meet at least once a year, may result in the failure of approval of budget. Producing gross consequences in respect of the working of governmental machinery.    Some explicit objectives of the constitution are fully compatible with certain conventions. Conventions are honored only if these stand imperative to the realization of these objectives. Changes in the basic objectives may diminish the utility of certain conventions, resulting in their abolition. Conventions performed most effective role in the enforcement of the constitutional law, and integrated it with the changing needs of a nuclear age.

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