When Did The US Constitutional Convention Take Place To Make Amendments In The Articles Of Confederation?


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It was in the year 1787, eleven years after the American independence and six years after the adoption of the Articles of Confederation (which was the first ever government system of the United States), that the United States Constitutional Convention was held in the month of May in Philadelphia. It was attended by 55 delegates from all thirteen states. Basically this convention took place to make some required rectifications in the Articles of Confederation.

Nevertheless it was not later until all of them realized that the Articles of Confederation had too many faults and defects for it to be corrected or to have amends in it. What was realized was the need of a whole new system of government, which would be termed as the United States Constitution, a system that is still applied and abided by in the United States till this date despite of some amendments and additions to it over the years.

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