Under The Articles Of Confederation, What Problems Did The Weak Nature Of The Central Government Lead To?


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Shays rebellion
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The most fundamental flaw of the Articles of Confederation was the weak nature of the central government. It did not have that many authorities granted to it by the Articles of Confederation, which had given a greater autonomy to the state governments. For this reason, the central government did not have the right to demand taxes from the state governments, which resulted in a minimal national treasure that was not adequate enough to meet the challenges that the formation of a new state and a new government usually brings.

Moreover there was not a common currency as there were different currencies used in different states, which was another point of disunity as the currency of one state won't be accepted in another state. Last but not the least, there was no sound basis of national security, which was wholly attributed to the absence of a central army, for which money, autonomy and other resources were required that the central government lacked under the Articles of Confederation.

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