What Is The Structure Of The New French Government Under The Presidency Of Nicolas Sarkozy?


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The new French government led by the newly elected president Nicolas Sarkozy would be a government comprising of 15 ministers, which is inclusive of seven women as well. Moreover the new foreign minister for France would be leftwing human rights champion Bernard Kouchner. It was a new trend created by the French president by assigning jobs to women in the cabinet, something that had not taken place in France so far. With this freshness in trends, France has also joined the club of Chile, Finland, Sweden and Spain who are nations eagerly seeking to mark an end to the era of male domination and entrench the basis of equality among the sexes. Moreover Nicolas Sarzoky went a step further to clearly signify his intentions of eliminating racism from France by appointing Bernard Kouchner as the foreign minister, who belongs to North Africa. The structure of the government was imparted to the media and public one day after Francois Fillon was appointed the next French Premier, who would join hands with President Sarkozy in his reform drive.

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