How Are Powers Divided In A Federal System?


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In a Federal System or Federalism, system is divided into National or Federal governments and local government. The power is shared under this system unlike confederate or unitary form where power is unevenly distributed. Because of this power division system, the authority is shared between the local government and the central government. For all levels of the government, under this political system, government has sovereignty in some areas. Agents and the Officials of the governments can directly impact the citizens. In some matters, federal government has more power on some matters like power to declare war.
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In a Federation, there are many states which are self-governing to some extent and are governed by a Central system which is called the Federal government. 

The division of powers is according to the constitution of the country and the governing rights are given to the states according to the laws in the constitution. The central government is usually the one which has control over the national defense and foreign policy. According to the US constitution, all the powers that are not given to the federal government are in the hands of the state. The matters which are very important and too important are governed by the Federal government.

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