Why Did Nigeria Choose Federal System Of Government?


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The federal system of government was chosen for Nigeria during the period leading up to independence from Britain in 1960. During the year leading up to independence the parliamentary government worked towards a smooth handover of power and establishing the federal system that established Nigerian independence and nationhood.

  • What did the federal system have control of?

Upon independence the federal government was given control of foreign relations, defense, fiscal and commercial policy. The elected prime minister was able to form a cabinet and given control of the Federal Supreme Court. Although the English monarch remained as the head of state it was symbolic only with no decision making powers with Nigeria remaining a member of the British Commonwealth.

  • Has it been successful?

The answer to that has to be yes and no. Nigeria has remained an independent sovereign state and has grown rich in African terms on the back of its rich oil fields. The federal system, however, only lasted for six years and was always under threat with the country comprising of three major ethnic groupings that weren't going to cast aside their own aims and identity for the greater good of the new nation.

In January 1966 General Johnson Aguiyi-Irons headed up a group of army officers who installed military rule. His rule lasted less than a year with a new Federal Republic of Nigeria established in August 1966 and regular conflict and strife a constant feature.

  • What are things like just now?

There are no signs of stability at the moment with the age old problem of ethnic tension and an over eager military regime casting a shadow over the political landscape.

The ideals of independence have been under threat almost from the time that they were written with the reality of attempting to unite such a large, divided nation proving to be beyond all shades of political parties.
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The federal system was adopted in order to avoid the concentration of powers into the hands of a single central government instead powers are shared between the three component units
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Examine one federal system created by consent and one created force and compare their reasons for existence

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