How Many Types Are The Powers Of The United States Government Divided Into?


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While drafting the constitution of the United States, the writers of the constitution demarcated the powers of the government into three specific categories namely enumerated powers, reserved powers and concurrent powers.

Enumerated powers are those powers that the constitution of the United States grants specifically and exclusively to the national government such as establishing a national postal system, accoutring and maintaining an army, controlling the increasing immigration etc.

Reserved powers are those powers that are given by the constitution to the state governments. These powers could comprise of the regulation of trade between state borders, to promulgate laws regarding education, marriage etc that could be different in every state.

Concurrent powers are those powers that are granted by the constitution to both the national and the state governments on a mutual basis- both of the governments share this power and it includes powers like collection of taxes, setting up prisons and courts, borrow a sum of money etc.
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The second person in charge in the executive branch of a state government is most often called

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