Describe In Short The Historical Background Of The US Constitution?


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Historical Background of the U.S.A. Constitution: The new world has its own history. It was 1492 when Columbus discovered this world which was quite unknown to the Europeans. Gradually nationals of - the different European countries started coming to this new world and the process of colonization started. Though many races came here yet the Englishmen outnumbered all other races.    England was plagued by economic crisis, agriculture was in bad shape, employment chances were scarce, and people found it very difficult to get their living. So they found new hope there in the new world. Religious persecution was another factor. Those who were prosecuted in their own country left for this world to follow their own faith. Those who were expelled from their country for political reasons also found shelter here.    So the people of different countries, professing different religious, speaking different languages and following various social customs assembled here in thus country to settle. It gave birth to a new hybrid culture. This culture was dominated by the English Culture. In fact it was a mixed culture because one can find a mixture of different bloods in a family. An Englishman married a Dutch and giving birth to a number of children who married persons of different races. It was a usual sight and it would be really different for many an Americans to point out their forefather's nationality. A new world with new people was growing fast.    By 1732 there were 13 colonies along the sea coast. All these colonies were under the control of England. There were Charter Colonies. Proprietary Colonies and Royal Colonies, in fact for more than 150 years these colonies were ruled by England, there was no demand for freedom. According to Munro the people of these colonies were not dissatisfied with the system of Government that existed there but the revolt was not even for a demand of a new charter and elected governor or adult suffrage.

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