When Did The Whiskey Rebellion Take Place?


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After Congress imposed a tax on whiskey in 1791, it became a source of annoyance and displeasure for the farmers who used to grow corn, which they made into whiskey. The earnings that they were making from the Whiskey was not just adequate but was prolific and this particular piece of legislature that imposed tax on whiskey was a definite hindrance in their way of earning extra profits.

Finally three years later in the year of 1794, the farmers decided to start a rebellion against the government, which they aimed to put a permanent end to the tax that was imposed by the Congress on whiskey. But in the end, it proved to be a practice in futility as President George Washington sent an army of 13000 soldiers to fight the farmer rebels, which finally resulted in the surrender of all the farmers.

The Whiskey rebellion resembled the Shay's rebellion in a sense but it differed from it in some ways too. For instance during the time of Shay's rebellion, there was no strong central government to end such rebellions however the situation was totally different in the case of the whiskey rebellion as due to the presence of a strong central government it was effectively stopped in due time.

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