What Are The Dangers Of Revisionist History ?


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Revisionist history conceals the truth, at least in part. We need to know the truth about things that have happened and why they have happened, as well as why people have acted in certain ways. To the extent that we know the truth, we are able to make wise decisions for the future. In the US, schools have not taught students the whole truth about our national heritage and the roots of what has made America the great nation it has been. Consequently,  those roots are being destroyed and our country is sure to follow. The things that are being taught to students these days make them feel ashamed of their country and want to radically change it. True and accurate history would cause them to feel pride in their country and want to protect and preserve it. There is a famous saying:"Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it".  If we forget the lessons that we have learned from past events, the reasons behind them and the repercussions of them - or if we have never learned those lessons in the first place - we are bound to make the same mistakes over again. For example, studying the  fall of the Roman Empire can offer insight into the future of our own country.

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