How Did The New European Settlers Meet Their Needs For Cheap Labor?


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As the initial European settlers established their domestic and economic base in North America, their population grew in numbers in various regions of North America. The initial and basic reason for which they had come to America were the rich reserves of gold and silver that were found by early European explorers who had initially thought of the American continents to be parts of Asia.

Nevertheless with the decision of permanently settling in North America, the Spanish set up huge sugar cane and tobacco plantations. These plantations basically required a ton of cheap labor for their maintenance. Moreover there were mines that needed to be managed for which cheap labor was a major factor of business. At first, the Native Americans were used as cheap labor as they were enslaved by these Europeans and were coerced to do work and were ill-treated in such a manner that many of them died of diseases and cruel treatment. The newest substitute that supplanted the Native Americans were the Africans who were kidnapped and brought from West Africa by the Europeans.

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