When Did The Battle Of Moscow Take Place?


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The Battle of Moscow is a term used to describe the assault of the German troops on Soviet Union territories with the aim of capturing Moscow, the capital of the then USSR. The battle was fought in a series of engagements that occurred as the German troops marched on Moscow between July 1941 and January 1942.

The invasion plan known as Operation Barbarossa employed the use of blitzkrieg tactics on a large scale with the aim of capturing Moscow in a short period of time. The commander of the German Wehrmacht was Fedor von Bock while the Soviet commanders were George Zhukov and Aleksandr Vasilevsky. In all the German Wehrmacht comprised of 1 million soldiers, 1,700 tanks, 14,000 guns and 950 planes while the Soviet forces consisted of 1,250,000 soldiers, 1000 tanks, 7600 guns and 677 planes.

However the Soviet troops delayed the advance of the German Wehrmacht in several places like at Smolensk and Mtsensk by which time the winter season had set in hampering the German troops in their locomotion. The strong Soviet counter offensive forced the German troops to withdraw which marked the end of the battle in early January.

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