What Is The Concept Of Rule Of Law Under The British Constitution?


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Rule of law basic three points
1 no one can be punished except for breach of law.
2 equality before of law
3 fundamental rights of the people are guaranteed by the ordinary law
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The rule of law means; in the first place, the complete superiority or prevalence of usual law as opposed to the power of illogical power, and excludes the survival of arbitrariness, prerogative. Secondly, the rule of law means, fairness before the law, or the identical weakness of all classes to the normal law of the land administered by normal law courts. Thirdly, the rule of law means, that with us the law of the constitution / the rules which in foreign countries naturally, from part of a constitutional code, are not the source but the consequences of the rights of individuals, as defined and enforced by the courts.

"Rules of Law" has not been implemented in Britain in its dispatch and strength. Legally speaking, the greater is opposed from the limits understood in the "Rule of Law" as 'King can do no wrong' is the essential doctrine of their political system. Hence the ruler cannot be summoned in any court of law, though all servants of the Crown are legally liable to courts for their departmental affairs.

Under Crown Proceeding Act of 1947, government officials enjoy sure civil liberties. A citizen can be compulsory serious punishment who gives on lawsuit against a public officer but fails to prove the accusation in the court. Moreover, no proceedings can be done against judges concerning the presentation of their duties.
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Rule of law is one of the fundamental principles of British constitution.its partly written,parliament consists of the members selected by the public,so in short sovereignty of parliament is basically to flourish the rule of law.

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